Graphic Mirage

I'm a 27 year old graphic designer with a love for all things fandom. I tend to reblog and post things randomly about a mulitude of fandoms. It would take too much time to list them all (however if you ask, I can try). Just to warn you - I reblog alot and I also blog all kinds of things, so this is not a one-topic blog.

Read the Printed Word!

I do not automatically follow someone back. I’m not here to build up a number. I want to have friendships. Ergo, I want to know I have something in common with you. If Its pretty obvious, I usually follow back. If its not, I’m not going to. Leave me a message in my ask, or reply to one of my posts. Let me know you exist and actually want to be my friend (and not sell me an Apple Computer).

I don’t mean to offend anyone who thinks its common courtesy to follow someone if they follow me. I don’t expect to be automatically followed (although it would be nice) when I follow someone either.

Also, leaving a message or reply also helps me know you actually followed me. Tumblr is not always kind enough to inform me.
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